A photo of Jonathan Platt

Hi, I’m Jonathan Platt, a Master’s student in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Alabama. Learning and applying my knowledge have always been passions of mine and I am excited to share some of the projects I have worked on for school or in my free time.

As a bit more about myself, I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering in 2021. I got involved in research during my freshman year and have continued to be involved ever since. I started out in the Magnetic Materials and Devices Laboratory working on creating a low cost pseudo-doppler direction finding and channel sounding device for the 2018 APS Student Design Contest. My team and I were selected as one of 6 teams to present at The IEEE AP-S Internations Symposium in Boston, MA and won second place in the contest overall.

Since then, I’ve worked on developing 3D printed metalic ferrite-resin composites for use in antenna substrates, researched a novel multilayered ferrite-plastic helical antenna, compared radar modulation schemes using a novel simulation method, and designed an FPGA-based m-sequence radar platform. My current research focuses on real time simulation of autonomous rovers. Feel free to access any of my published works on my IEEE Author Profile.

Outside of formal research, I am very interested in amateur radio and am actively seeking certification. I also enjoy 3D printing; my Monoprive Select Mini V2 is small but mighty! I am a big proponant of open source software and open access to knowledge. As part of my 2021 AT&T summer internship I made contributions to the Linux Foundation’s Open Network Autonmation Project (ONAP). I hope to contonue making contributions to open source and sharing my knowledge whenever possible. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy my blog!